Specializing in wedding gown alterations, we offer different bustles designs (French, American, Customizable), so you will look your best on your big day. Expert alterations, reliable, high quality for your Bridal Gown, focus in details, in order to get customer satisfaction at most. By appointment only


Friends and/or family members are welcome to attend fittings.

Please bring the shoes you are going to wear for the day of the wedding or something in the exact height.

Please bring any undergarments you plan on wearing the day of the wedding: bra, spanks, etc.

Quote's are not given over the phone, but Karime will go over in detail with you how much something will cost
and why once it’s on the customer and we can see what work has to be done.

Please allow yourself about three months to do wedding gown alterations, however if you have a rush situation
please still contact Karime, she’s open to helping anyone who may need a quick fit!.


1st FITTING: This is when you meet with the seamstress to have your gown pinned. You will discuss what needs to be done with the seamstress and alteration fees will be due at the end of the first fitting appointment.

2st FITTING: You will start to see your gown contoured to you. There will be some rough seams to your gown, as the seamstress will be checking the fit before finishing. Depending on your style of gown, there may be a need for a 3rd fitting. This appointment is structured the same as the 2nd fitting.

FINAL FITTING: This is when the fit of your gown should be near completion. The seamstress will be looking at your gown alterations as a whole. There will still be a few alterations that will be needed; however, they are usually minor. If you are bustling your train, you will want to bring someone along to learn how it should be done.

PICK UP: Your wedding gown is ready! We will have finished any minor alterations and have meticulously looked over your gown for any loose thread, beads, etc. Your gown will be professionally pressed and steamed before you take it home (if you ordered previously). This is usually scheduled the week of the wedding. To allow for this process, any gown pick-ups will be scheduled after 1pm, Tuesday through Friday.